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Kabbalah - Discover the Inner Dimension

See the weekly Torah portion in a whole new light.

Join us for an in depth discovery of the weekly Torah portion. Based on the teaching of the Arizal , Rabbi Yitzchok Luria , the central figure of Kabbalah study today. Among the most fascinating of the Arizal's teachings are his expositions on the Torah itself. Using the classic methods of rabbinic interpretation (with a marked emphasis on gematria), the Arizal unfolds before us a hidden dimension of the stories and laws of the Torah, showing how they reflect the inner dynamics of reality and how our knowledge and observance of the Torah is crucial to the proper functioning of creation.


Join us at Chabad Lubavitch of SW Florida for a fascinating class given by Rabbi Minkowicz

At 7 P.M. on Thursday Evenings

No reservation required