Kosher Food ALERT – 

Submitted by Lynda Stewart, Academic Dean for Maimonides Hebrew Day School for Beverly Leah Mitchell, Kosher Food Coordinator for Chabad of SW Florida

Today 75% of the shelf foods found in our local chain stores are kosher. We are growing! We are dedicated! We are victorious with God’s help. Local Jewish consumers and their families no longer have to travel to Miami and East Coast locations to purchase their kosher groceries. For the past 3 years, pioneering the Kosher Food Alerts has been an adventure. The following ideals have been accomplished, in order to reach the goal of shopping in our own territory. There has been extensive research, discussion and negotiations for decreased pricing, communicating with store managers and buyers, district distributors and corporate associates. Establishing the connections with the Jewish Federation of Lee, Collier & Charlotte counties, the local Rabbis, emailing monthly announcements, distributing Kosher Food Alert flyers, making numerous phone calls and text messages. Thanks to Steven, Joshua & Noam Mitchell for taking the time from their busy schedule to do the mitzvah of distributing Kosher Food Alert flyers to Temples and Edison State College. Also to the Jewish Federation and Chabads for including the Kosher Food alerts in their emails and websites.

Just like “dedicated” Maccabees we will continue these ideals until our goal has been reached for the Jewish consumers in Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties.

We are pleased to present the latest list of stores that are currently carrying kosher food both FRESH and frozen.

The management at these locations are very willing to accommodate us. They will keep the store shelves, freezers and refrigerators stocked with kosher foods at the most affordable competitive prices. But it is up to us, the Jewish consumer to work together with the management by patronizing your stores and purchase what we need at any of the following locations:

The Publix at University Crossing, Ft Myers 13401 Summerlin Rd N. at Cypress Lake Rd by Edison College can be reached at 239-481-2242. This store is getting into the Hanukkah spirit and celebration with a display in the Produce area of Kosher and holiday items. Look for the colorful banner from the students of Maimonides Hebrew Day School. The display will include Gefen Chocolate Chips, White & Sweet potatoes for Latkes, horseradish, gefilta fish rolls, olive oil, flour and onions. Rashi red concord wine, o/u applesauce and Kedem Large grape juice o/u Parve. Shabbos & Chanukah candles, gift paper, fresh flowers. There will be ready made latkes in the freezer section and box mix on the shelf aisle. Denise Paul, Store Manager and Matt MonHollen, assistant Manager, have gone above and beyond the call of service to provide for the Kosher needs of the Jewish community in Cape Coral, Ft Myers, Lehigh Acres and Port Charlotte. Publix at University Crossing is the exclusive Publix store to carry FRESH Glatt Kosher poultry and FRESH kosher meat in Empire & Aaron cuts. They will also be carrying Fresh Glatt Kosher ground turkey, chicken breasts & cutlets, and whole chickens in 8 piece cuts. Weekly standing orders can be placed on Monday or Tuesdays 3 weeks in advance . Upon request Fresh Glatt orders of Brisket, stew pieces – ideal for Cholet, turkey legs, wings, rib steak, lamb chops and prepared fresh hamburgers that have been a big hit with the college students. FRESH kosher tofu burgers are a new standing item in the Greenwise section. A large variety of other kosher foods are in the large produce section. Ask the Associates in produce for the Greenwise section. There will be 3 aisles of Kosher foods with Kosher certification. As you shop through the store notice the new “KOSHER” signs to identify kosher products in Aisle # 4 has Kosher shelf foods. Aisle # 6 a variety of Haolom Cheeses – string, Mozzarella & slices. Aisle # 8 Huge selections of frozen meals such as: Gefilta fish rolls, stuffed cabbage, chopped liver, matzah balls, brisket, pizza, whole turkey & chicken, challah and potato latkes in time for Chanukah. The Bakery Department has raw & frozen twisted challah o/u Pas Yisroel. Ask the sales person for the frozen o/u unbaked challah in the freezer that’s kept & titled Kosher from the Brooklyn, NY Bakery.

Appreciation and thanks to The Publix at University Crossing for donating apple sauce for the Rosh Hashana gift bags that the Jewish Federation delivered to senior citizens, and the soda for the upcoming Chabad of SW FL Chanukah Simcha at the Bell Tower on Sunday, December 1st.

Sam’s Clubs on Cleveland Ave. in Ft Myers can be contacted at 239-93-2445, ask for David Tayness , Fresh Food Manager & Aimee, store manager at 239-939-7173. Sam’s Bakery department will have FRESH packaged baked goods and weekly standing orders in time for Shabbos of twisted Challah o/u Pas Yisroel 2 per package and single package pull apart rolls, along with a variety of Pas Yisroel cookies and cakes by Biegels Company. They are carrying Frozen Fish Treasures from The Sea by Odyssey with SKS kosher symbol; Wild flounder, Alaskan fillets – Omega 3 and Tilapia in 3 lbs. packages – skinless & boneless. Also frozen fish from C.Wirthy Co. and Atlantic Trading Co. Florida farm raised salmon – boneless & skinless in 3 lbs. wrapped fillets. There are also Pre-seasoned salmon fillets with kosher symbols & Parve. These are glutten free – omega 3 in 2 lbs. individually wrapped packages. .

Ada’s Whole Foods Market & Health Store in the Burlington Coat Factory shopping center, on Cleveland Ave in Ft Myers, has greatly expanded the selection of kosher foods as well as gluten and dairy free products. They have gone the extra mile to accommodate customers. Ada’s is planning a move to a new location on the corner of US 41 and College Pkwy. Call & watch for the Grand Opening by the beginning of December. The new store will have expanded selections of kosher meats, poultry, cheese and deli. They will be having a Blow Out Sale to ease the closing of the existing location and make the transition to the new store as effortless as possible. Ada’s support of the Jewish community and is making every effort to fill special dietary needs and requests. There are designated shelves in all departments with yellow labels to make the kosher foods easy to find and identify. There is an expanded line of kosher health supplements from Blue Bonnet, Solgar, and Maxi Health. If you have special needs contact Jan Schuring, the supplement and vitamin manager at 239-939-9600. Ada’s carries a large supply of kosher grocery items and healthy organic fruits and vegetables.

BJs of Ft Myers & Cape Coral. 9300 Ben C Pratt & 6 Mile Cypress in Ft Myers, Store Manager, Barry can be reached at 239-896-1071 or Bakery Manager, Jo, can be reached at 239-829-3300. or Cape Coral BJ’s at 239-963-4770. They have Pas Yisroel/ Parve Kosher Twisted Challahs, Round Challahs with raisins and Round Break-off Rolls in 2 packs from Laromme Bakery; and a variety of o/u kosher/Parve cookies. Rabbi Labkowsky, Chabad of Cape Coral, is working closely with the Cape Coral BJ’s store and Publix to expand their kosher groceries. The Rabbi can be reached at 239-541-1777.

Wal Mart of South Ft Myers 4770 Colonial Blvd & 6 Mile Cypress can be contacted at 239-274-2920. In addition to over 70% of their shelf foods that are kosher. They are now also carrying frozen Whiting Kosher wild fish filets in the frozen fish dept., large Kedem grape Juice, and Gefen Co. semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Total Wine in Ft Myers 13711 S Tamiami Trail, Ft Myers in the Target & Barnes & Nobel shopping Center can be contacted at 239-432-0510. Look for the signage marked KOSHER/Israel Wines. Their large selection of kosher O/U and CRC wines includes over 15 different brands and varieties of those brands such as Baron Herzog, Rashi, Yarden, Bartenura, Hagafen and many more Kosher red & white wines. The Manager or Assistant Mgr. can be reached at 239-432-0510 to confirm in stock availability of wines. Please call to request anything special and secure large quantities or cases you might need to get you through your Simchas. They are offering a 10% discount on orders of cases placed 3 weeks in advance…So order early and L’Chayim! - Total Wine in Naples 5048 Airport Pulling Rd., Naples is within walking distance to Wal-Mart and can be reached at 239-649-4979.

The Publix at Market Place in Pelican Bay, Naples 8833 Tamiami Trail N at the corner of Vanderbilt Rd. Contact the store manager, or his assistants, who continue to serve the needs of their Jewish customers. We appreciate Publix ever expanding offerings throughout the year for kosher foods and additional items for special events and holidays and for being the exclusive Collier County store to offer FRESH Kosher Glatt poultry and meats that include Aaron Glatt Kosher chicken as cutlets, breasts with & without skin, whole chickens, Glatt Kosher rib steaks, ground chuck. Kosher frozen meals include: potato Latkes – just in time for Chanukah, Gefilta fish rolls, Maccabees Pizza, and a variety of oven ready meals such as stuffed cabbage, brisket, chopped liver, turkey and more. There is also a section with a variety kosher Cholav Yisroel cheeses. Check out the Kosher shelf foods and section with kosher wines.

The bakery is helping you observe our kosher traditions with frozen not baked o/u challah. You can call and place orders for Shabbos, a special event or holiday. Specify your KOSHER needs. In the Bakery Managers, or the Meat Dept. can made arrangements to have a whole line of FRESH special made to order kosher foods with a 2 weeks’ notice. Special order foods need to be placed by Monday and it will arrive on Wednesday of the following week. The Publix at Market Place can be reached directly at 239-596-1982.

Trader Joe’s located at 10600 Tamiami Trail in North Naples is a trendy California based grocery store chain now open at the Granada Shoppes on E US 41 in the old Borders Book Store. Take your time and browse for kosher shelf foods and wine. If a Kosher item is not in stock it can be ordered at the Customer Service Dept. Service Manager Bernadette Pauls can be reached at 239-596-5631. Go to the website for a complete list of the variety of foods and their kosher symbols grocery list. Trader Joe’s extensive list of over 4 pages is also available at the store to use as your shopping or ordering list. This is another location for fresh Glatt Kosher poultry, ground beef, turkey, rib steak, and stew meat. As well as organic produce, shelf foods, frozen foods and so much more. O/k fresh kosher turkeys for Thanksgiving & Chanukah.

Whole Foods Market in Naples Mercado Plaza 9101 Strada Place can be reached at 239-552-5100. They have the highest natural, organic and conventional products. Thus includes their own Whole Foods “365 Brand” Look carefully for their Kosher certifications. The store manager at Customer Service or C.J. the Grocery Dept. buyer will be happy to assist with your special orders and specific needs. They have an array of appealing kosher shelf foods and processed pastry and Fresh Glatt Kosher Valley chicken whole, pieces boneless & skinless and ground turkey. Frozen kosher items include Solcuisine Veg. burgers, whole turkey, Aaron o/u Glatt chicken & Garden Burgers. You can also find Gelfon shelf products and frozen dinners, Organic Whole foods 365 brands of fruits & vegetables. In stock supply of Bartenura, Linot Grigio and Moscato wines. A Kosher aisle that includes Shabbos Candles box of 72, couscous, apple butter spread, BBQ sauces, whole grain yolk free noodles, Gelfen, Streits & Manachevitz Co whole grain matzah meal, a variety of Eden beans (no salt), o/u variety of crackers, Arrowhead Mills beans, peas, barley organic & glutten free; egg & glutten free organic Veganaise (mayo), Organic 360 Whole Foods brand O/k tofu. Check out the Dairy department for Daken Farm O/k milk. providing a service of kosher prepared lunches and dinners that can be ordered easily on the internet and they can pick up at the Chabad in Bonita Springs or delivered. For more info go to the website scroll down for a complete menu. Contact Rabbi Greenberg at 239-949-6900 with specific questions. Rabbi is also assisting with Florida Gulf Coast University Chabad on campus with services and student Lunch & Learn sessions.

Moses Delivers “ is a brand new to SW Florida kosher food scene, “Moses Delivers” is a door-to-door, by the case, kosher food delivery service offering close to wholesale prices. He carries numerous varieties of kosher poultry and meats - fresh and frozen, freezer items, grocery items, as well as dairy and fish products. He delivers to SW Florida at least once a month, more often upon request depending on order size, particularly in the holiday seasons. Call or e-mail for price lists and more information or 530-45Moses (that's 530-456-6737) and like him on Facebook,

Aroma Market & Catering at 8819 Stirling Road in Ft Lauderdale can be reached at 954-252-2600 or . They will take orders on the internet for delivery to the Chabad in Naples on Thursdays. For more information Rabbi Fishel Zaklos, Chabad of Naples can be reached at 239-262-4474.

Sun Harvest Citrus at 14601 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy, Ft Myers, FL can be reached at 1-800-743-1480. a great location to arrange to send Chanukah fruit baskets fresh from the groves. A variety of fruit seasonal & year round. Call for catalogues and more information, or stop by for free samples of juices and 20% discount coupon on your entire purchase.

We have a huge breakthrough for Shabbos. Its supply & demand for the Jewish people. Many appliance companies are carrying Shabbos stoves and refrigerators to meet the needs of Jewish consumers for Kosher kitchens. These appliances are certified Kosher by the Rabbinical Assembly (R.A.) Hallache questions can be discussed by calling the R.A. at 410-484-4110. The certified hasher is a star K for General Electric and Electrolux stoves and refrigerators. Home Depot & Lowes will have these appliances in their stores.

At Home Depot 14655 S Tamiami Tr. at the corner of US 41 & 6 Mile Cypress Pkwy., contact Christopher Nord or Lisa, Consultants for Kitchen & Bathroom Design. Models are displayed at the store.

Lowes 14960 S Tamiami Trail and Gladiolus contact Appliance Specialist, M. Jordon in the Kitchen & Bathroom Dept.

The management of the shops listed above have made efforts to help the Jewish community observe kosher traditions and holidays. Everyone is encouraged and responsible to thank these stores for caring and providing kosher foods locally.

Kosher Food Alert is under the supervision of Rabbi Minkowicz. If you have any questions, need recipes or wish to transfer your existing kitchen for a kosher kitchen contact the Rabbi Minkowicz at Chabad of SW FL 239-265-4848 . Rabbi Minkowicz will be sending monthly Kosher Food Alerts. If you provide your email and or website, the Rabbi will be glad to include you in the updates. Contact him at or You can also contact Beverly Leah Mitchell, Coordinator & Researcher for Chabad Lubavitch, at 239-939-5888. She is diligently working with Rabbi Minkowicz in developing and researching kosher foods with our local supermarkets, health food stores and hospitals. She continues to work so that members of our Jewish community do not have to travel to the east coast to observe our kosher traditions.

From all of us at Chabad of SWFL and Maimonides Hebrew Day School may you & your family have a Happy Chanukah. We look forward to seeing you at our Free Chabad Chanukah Simcha. Come and enjoy the lighting of our giant menorah, the Maimonides Children’s Choir, eat potato latkes, share in the spirit of the holiday with free activities and crafts for the children, boutique items for sale, music and entertainment. Bell Tower Shops at the center court by the water fountain near Bed, Bath & Beyond. SUNDAY, December 1st from 3 – 5 PM.